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We are the Guardians of the World
23rd May 2001
speech (~1Mb), slides

Why Microsoft is a Dinosaur
24th Apr. 2001

Should IBM 'netscape' Microsoft with Corel?
22nd Apr. 2001

`The Community is the Company'
16th Mar. 2001

`Why use the Declaration of Independence?'
20th Feb. 2001

`Declaration of Software Freedom'
prelim release
16th Feb. 2001

PITAC commentary
14th Sep. 2000

talks with Stallman
24th Aug. 2000


email Dialogues
The nature of Free Software
April/May 2000

Copyright Law and Free/Open Source Software
June 2000

Founder: Tony Stanco

Public Relations Working Group,
News articles & press clippings

We are the Guardians of the World
23rd May 2001
'Why Microsoft is a Dinosaur'
24th Apr 2001
'The Community is the Company'
20th Mar 2001
'Linux Weekly News for February 22, 2022'
22nd Feb 2001
`Declaration of Software Freedom: Is software law or literature?' NewsForge
20th Feb 2001
`Release Was Planned for MS Court Date' LinuxToday
16th Feb 2001
`The Declaration of Software Freedom' NewsForge
15th Feb 2001

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