RMS Becomes CEO of FreeDevelopers.net

Tony Stanco

8th January, 2001

No, not Chief Executive Officer, but ``Chief Ethics Officer''.

Richard Stallman, philosopher and founder of free software, has accepted the position of Chief Ethics Officer at FreeDevelopers. The position of Chief Ethics Officer involves making sure that the general principles of the Free Software Movement will be followed, including in particular license criteria. This is the beginning of the judicial branch in the checks and balances, democratic structure forming at FreeDevelopers.

FreeDevelopers (FreeDevelopers.net) is an international professional organization of free software developers, whose goal is to replace all proprietary software with free software, worldwide.

Richard Stallman leads the GNU Project, which is the principal developer of the GNU/Linux operating system, and is president of the Free Software Foundation. (See www.gnu.org for more information.)

January is the 17th anniversary of the start of development of the GNU system.

Thanks, Richard, for your important gifts to the world.

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