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Please help us write the software for democracy

October 3, 2022

Please help us write the software for democracy, not only for FreeDevelopers, but for the world, too.

FreeDevelopers will be owned and run by all developers worldwide together on a democratic basis in a sacred trust for the benefit and protection of the world's citizens through free software. It will pay all developers to work on free software. All software of the free company will be licensed under the GPL and remain free forever. (It's in our corporate constitution).

Our first major project is writing the code for our own corporate democracy. But that same software will be shared with the rest of the world to improve online democracy worldwide.

We already have developers from each of the major countries, but we need your help, too.

Please join FreeDevelopers to storm the proprietary Bastilles, free the programmer-prisoners, and help worldwide democracy.

History is waiting for you :-)

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