original emails
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Day 1
31st May 2000
"The philosopher fighting the good fight"
Day 2
1st June 2000
"All law is a matter of opinion."
Day 3
4th June 2000
"My fight is defeating proprietary"
Day 4
5th June 2000
"Remember Shakespeare's admonition that people sometimes mar what they have in trying to achieve still more."
Day 5
6th June 2000
"Copyright gives the copyright owner the power to stop others from cooperating"
Day 6
7th June 2000
"I believe everyone should be free to cooperate; specifically, free to share and change software"
Day 7
9th June 2000
"We need to let people decide themselves whether or not they are moral by letting them choose"
Day 8
10th June 2000
"Proprietary software is a scheme to divide and maltreat other people"
Day 9
11th June 2000
"A proprietary program is like a gang: it puts pressure on people and intimidates them."

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A dialogue on Copyright Law
and Free/Open Source Software
Richard Stallman & Tony Stanco

Public Relations Working Group, FreeDevelopers.net
abridged versions
at Linux Today

part 1
13th July 2000
part 2
14th July 2000
part 3
17th July 2000
part 4
18th July 2000
part 5
19th July 2000
part 6
20th July 2000
part 7
21st July 2000
part 8
24th July 2000
part 9
25th July 2000

Software Licenses and
Traditional Copyright Law
7th July 2000

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