Questions for developers:
Arun -- from India

Please give a potted professional history...

I am an Eng student and interested in social implication of software(Technology Choice). Technology for people.

Did you at some point "convert" to the idea of free software? If so, what was it that convinced you?

I think convert is not a correct word for my case. I am from Kerala, a state in India. (If you have read articles by Nobel prize winner Amrtya Sen you would have learned about this place.) The Internet became popular here in the last few years. I didn't know about Free Software Movement when I entered the field of computers. When I learned about it, I joined it. It was the natural place for me.

Have you worked for a proprietary company in the past - if so, did you leave, and when and why did you decide to leave?

I have an offer to join one of the largest software companiesi in India. But I cannot. I have been advocating for `free' software. It is not possible for me to cheat myself.

What are the ways in which developers become disenfranchised if working for proprietary companies -- please could you give a few examples of the things you have personally found most frustrating?

I didn't [understand] the question.

Is it fair to say that most developers are frustrated with the proprietary model, even if they chose to work for proprietary companies?
Most don't care.

Are there many developers who think the proprietary model is a good thing per se? If so, why do they think that?
Yes, there are. Mostly all of them dream of becoming Bill soon. It's just a matter of social conditioning.

Have you made any personal sacrifices (money, time, prestige etc) for your free software principles?
See above...

Money some time...
Time usually.
Prestige depends on the way we look at it. I believe noone can hurt my prestige until I do something which is self-defeating and creating a conflict in me. That can happen if I join a proprietary software company.

How did you hear about FreeDevelopers, what influenced you in your decision to join, and what are your hopes for the company?
I didn't want to join proprietary software companies. There was no-one here to give me employment in free software. So with my friends I thought of making one of our own. During that time I came to know about FreeDevelopers. For me there was nothing against joining FreeDevelopers.

The time for FreeDevelopers has come. It must succeed.


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