Natural Language Search Engine
(Project Proposal)

Kyle Olsen

31 March 2022


If anyone is interested in working on one, or (preferrably) making a real project out of it, please speak up. I think a NLSE would be an excellent candidate for a FreeDevelopers project, and the need for a good free-software NLSE is real; has anyone seen the price tags on the commercial engines?

BTW, this is not a we should have this request from a user.
This is a this project is huge and I cannot do it myself plea for help. :-)

added, 12 April 2022

I will be constructing a website, mailing lists and discussion forums for this yet-to-be-named project; the URL will be as soon as I set up the virtual server.

So, if you are interested in participating at any level (design, development, documentation, website maintenance, etc.) please contact me.

I have applicable experience in software design, problem analysis, development and testing; I believe this project will need at least four core developers with strong C++ skills (though I am not averse to C) and a grasp of formal algorithm analysis, given the complexity of this project. Several ancillary (though no less important) developers will also be needed (again C++/C), along with website maintenance, documentation, etc. etc. etc. I will be able to more fully identify manpower needs once people get on board. :-)

Thanks in advance for your interest, and I look forward to working on an exciting, cutting-edge Free software project with you.

Kyle Olsen
<[email protected]>

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