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Norbert Bollow

5 April 2022

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Plans and Procedures

Note: None of this is intended to ever be considered `cast in stone', rather this document should be updated regularly, as necessary. The most recent version of this document will always be available from the CVS repository (see below), file doc/p+p.

Development Team

TBBBS is developed by a Development Team which is currently being formed. This Development Team will always have a Team Leader who is responsible for making sure that things keep moving forward. Initially the Team Leader is:

Team Leader: Norbert Bollow
Email address 1: [email protected] (this address may be published on mailing lists, webpages, etc,)
Backup email: [email protected]
Postal mail to: Norbert Bollow, Weidlistrasse 18, CH-8624 Gruet
Time zone: Zurich, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 1 972 20 59
Fax: +41 1 972 20 69

The Development Team is always open for new members who wish to join in. Currently the only requirement is that members must have signed the Declaration of Software Freedom. Those who wish to join are requested to contact the Team Leader.

Project Website

There is a website for the TBBBS project at

Mailing lists

The following mailing lists will be set up:
[email protected] Mailing list where the team members (and no-one else) are subscribed.
[email protected] Mailing list for discussing TBBBS-rated plans.
Everyone who is interested in the FD project is invited to subscribe using the form below.
[email protected] TBBBS user community -- anyone can subscribe.
[email protected] one-way `announcements' mailing list for the TBBBS project.

Your email address:

CVS Repository

A CVS repository has been set up for the TBBBS project. It can be accessed anonymously via:
cvs -d :pserver:[email protected]:/opt/cvs login
cvs -d :pserver:[email protected]:/opt/cvs co tbbbs
The password for anonymous (read-only) access is: tbbbs

Alternatively, using a bash shell, a session to login and download the archive could be as follows:

export CVSROOT=:pserver:[email protected]:/opt/cvs
cvs login
cvs co tbbbs

Team members are given commit rights to the CVS repository.


Every team member takes on one or more tasks that need doing for the TBBBS project and posts to [email protected] about what these tasks are and by when they will be done. It is also possible for several team members to take on one more tasks together.

Decision-making process

The Development Team makes decisions by means of Philosophical Consensus, as follows:

Note: This decision-making procedure is not appropriate for decisions where issues of principle arise, such as whether to support use of some other program that isn't Free software. In such matters guidelines will be provided by the leadership of FreeDevelopers, and the Development Team is responsible only for making decisions on how these guidelines apply to the TBBBS project.

Programming Languages

There will be a quick-and-dirty first implementation of TBBBS in Perl with version numbers 0.1.x (pre-release) and 1.x.y (first official release and onwards). In addition there will be a carefully-designed second implementation of TBBBS using JSP (Java ServerPages) technology where the experiences that are gained through working with the quick-and-dirty first implementation will be taken into consideration. The version numbers for this second implementation will be 0.2.x (pre-release) and 2.x.y (from the official release onwards).

Note 1: The JSP/Servlets parts of TBBBS will be developed using the Tomcat reference implementation of JSP/Servlets. Tomcat is Free software.

Note 2: TBBBS is software for the semi-automated creation of webpages. These webpages can be static pages or dynamic pages. Even if the first version of the program which generates the webpages is written in Perl, for compatibility reasons, if it generates dynamic pages then those should be JSP pages. With other words, in TBBBS 1.x.y versions, Perl programs are used for generating webpages, but no Perl code will be embedded into the webpages generated by TBBBS.

Financial Considerations

We hope that developers will eventually get paid by FreeDevelopers, but we realize that this is not going to happen anytime soon. However the developers should report to the Team Leader on a monthly basis the following:

  1. How many hours the developer has worked on the TBBBS project in total
  2. How many of these hours were work in areas where the developer has skills at a professional level.
The TBBBS project should be a good opportunity to learn new skills, it is however likely that hours spent learning may get paid less than hours of work done at a professional skill level.

The team leader will keep public records of what each developer is contributing to the project. All team members are invited to regularly submit estimates of how long each of the tasks that have been completed should take. This data will be made available to the HR department of FreeDevelopers and it may influence the decision of how any available money will be distributed among the developers.

Copyright Considerations

As soon as FreeDevelopers has legally incorporated, the developers will sign a document that makes `FreeDevelopers Inc.' the copyright holder of all the code. Until then the following steps are taken: Every developer must sign a statement saying:
``I agree that my contributions to the TBBBS project may be made available under the GNU General Public License.''
and fax it to: Norbert Bollow, Fax No. +41 1 972 20 69.
Developers who are not self-employed and who work on TBBBS during their working hours must also fax a signed statement from their employer in which the employer disclaims all copyright interests in all contributions to the TBBBS project.

Other Plans

Norbert Bollow intends to start a business unit of the `Free Software Marketing Company' that will focus on providing commercial support for TBBBS, and which will also offer related consulting services. All Team Members of the TBBBS project will be offered a fair opportunity for getting involved there, if they so choose.

large Greetings, Norbert.
<[email protected]>

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