Here is a proposed Articles of Incorporation and By-laws for FreeDevelopers, assuming it will be incorporated in the USA. I have inserted a couple comments that explain how these articles may potentially conflict with a future IPO, in case an IPO is desired in the future.
What follows below is a rough draft. Feel free to hack it up, but please be aware that there are laws in every state that
1) make the Articles of Incorporation an absolute requirement, and
2) govern how it should be structured and what it must cover.

Articles of Incorporation of FreeDevelopers Incorporated

Tom Phillips

29 December, 2000

Article I
The name of the corporation is FreeDevelopers Incorporated.

Article II
The purposes for which the corporation is organized are:

To promote the creation and use of free software, free software being computer software that grants people:

Subject to the restrictions set forth in these Articles of Incorporation, to transact any and all lawful business for which corporations may be organized under the laws of the State of [state] , and to have all powers which are afforded to corporations under the laws of the state of [state] .

Article III
The duration of this corporation shall be perpetual.

Article IV
The total amount of initial capitalization of this corporation is $ [amount] .

Article V
The total number of shares of common capital stock that this corporation is authorized to issue is [number] .

Article VI
This stock shall have no par value.

Article VII
The initial registered agent of this corporation is [name] .

Article VIII
The initial address of the office of the registered agent of this corporation is [address] .

Article IX
The name, address, and age of the incorporator of this corporation is [name] , [address] , age [age] years.

Article X
The number of directors of this corporation is [number] .

Article XI
The names and addresses of the initial directors of this corporation are as follows:

[name] , [address] [Repeat as necessary.]

Directors beyond the initial directors will be elected by the shareholders as described in the by-laws.
[Should be worded so by-laws become adopted, but are alterable and not necessarily part of public record, like the Articles of Incorporation are. By-laws should be mentioned somewhere else in articles of incorporation, but not sure where.]

Article XII
This corporation shall have pre-emptive rights for all shareholders.
[This implies right of first refusal, I believe.]

Article XIII
The following are preferences and limitations on the common stock of this corporation:
[May want to limit stock, but would hinder an IPO.]

Article XIV
This corporation adopts the following additional articles:

Section 1
The corporation shall hold no copyright on any individual software program that is not licensed under the General Public License.

Section 2
The corporation shall hold no copyright on any collection of software programs unless they are all individually licensed under the General Public License.

Section 3
There shall be no amendment, restatement or other alteration of these Articles of Incorporation.
[This prevents the articles from being subverted. Only the by-laws may be altered. However, this could clash with Article XII if an IPO is proposed.]

I certify that all of the facts stated in these Articles of Incorporation are true and correct and are made for the purpose of forming a business corporation under the laws of the State of [state] .

[date and sign, blah blah legal details]

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