... would like to welcome developers and visiting web-surfers, from all over the world, using the language with which they are most comfortable.
The main entry page is currently available in several language translations.
We would like to provide many, many more such translations, and keep these web-pages always up-to-date.

The language skills of the FD-IT staff are not yet up the level of being able to provide accurate translations for all of the world's languages. Instead, we ask you, the developer or interested visitor, to help provide a translation into your favourite language or dialect.

To facilitate his task, templates have been prepared, which clearly indicate which words, phrases and paragraphs need to be translated.

For a new translation, it may be simplest to just take the HTML source of the Web page, and translate all the content. However if that task appears to be too daunting, then it may be easier to just translate a template instead.
For updates and corrections to existing translations, it is almost certainly easier to update just the template.

Translation templates available so far are:





Some of the above translations started life as the products of an online translator. These contained many grammatical errors, that were fixed only after a native-speaker volunteered an improved version. Please offer a translation into your native language, if it is not already present.

To provide a translation...

  1. Please choose a template, rename it for the new language, and translate the content only;
    that is, You can use the template to translate the HTML page at or just submit the translated template.
  2. E-mail your translation, and optional Web page, along with any technical details,
    such as the character set used, or any further processing that may be required, to [email protected].
  3. Please also provide a suggestion as to what image or icon should be used with the translation. Typically a flag will be used, but this is not always possible. There may be a question of `which flag', or something else may be more appropriate (e.g. the image of a few words in a distinctive script).
Remember that the aim here is to provide an image that will be instantly recognisable to native speakers.

Thanks for your contribution,

Ross Moore, for FD-IT