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Free Software national days
Brazil: 7th Sept.
Spain: 7th Sept.
France: 25th Oct.

by Scott Ambler, Computing Canada
15th June 2001
pin: Ganesh Prasad

Open-source fans try to outflank .Net
CNET 5th July 2001
pin:  Rui Miguel Seabra Microsoft "blessing"

A revolutionary pursuit: freedom from Microsoft
by Dan Gilmour
30th June 2001
pin: fitzix

Trinity drinks deeply at learning's open source
IT news
5th June 2001
pin: Tony Stanco

Top 200: The Rise of Corporate Global Power
Institute for Policy Studies
4th June 2001
pin: Arun

Quilombo DIGITAL
1st June 2001
pin: Gandhi

Richard Stallman to Deliver Speech at NYU
25th May 2001
RMS rips Microsoft, Caldera's Ransom Love
29th May 2001
Stallman strikes back at Microsoft

GNU Project Adds a GPL FAQ
24th May 2001

Decoding Microsoft's open source argument
21st May 2001
Michael Tiemann

Free Software leaders respond to Microsoft
18th May 2001

Free/Open-Source software in Poland
17 May 2022
pin: Tony Stanco

Argentina Mulls Open-Source Move
4 May 2022
pin: Tony Stanco

Microsoft's Shared Source Program is a Validation of Open Source Disguised as an Attack
by Tim O'Reilly
4 May 2022

`The GNU General Public License Protects Software Freedoms'
response to Microsoft's address (see below)
4 May 2022
Richard Stallman
`The GNU GPL and the American Way'
`Is Microsoft the Great Satan?'

Microsoft vs. Open Source
Linus Torvalds Replies
e-Journal, Dan Gillmor
3 May 2022

`Microsoft Approach to Source Code Sharing Balances Accessibility with Responsibility'
Remarks by Craig Mundie, Microsoft Senior Vice President
3 May 2022
pin: dfletcher

Projeto Software Livre - RS
Government Projects site
2 May 2022
pins: Roberto Selbach Teixeira and gandhi

Free Software Law for Argentina
29 April 2022
pin: Tony Stanco

European Commission: Directive on copyright.
17 April 2022
pin: Bernard Hurley

The Linux Community: Wear Your Hearts On Your Sleeves
17 April 2022
pin: Paul Ferris

Should IBM 'netscape' Microsoft with Corel?
12 April 2022
pin: Tony Stanco

Microsoft should be feared and despised!
by Chuck Mead,
(also at LinuxToday)
2 April 2022
pin: Tony Stanco

All your data (and biz plans) are belong to Microsoft
by Andrew Orlowski,
for The Register
(also at LinuxToday)
30 March 2022
pin: Ross Moore

`Uh-oh, Hang On to Your Patents, It's Trouble'
30 March 2022
pin: Ross Moore

`Is Linux Hurting the IT Industry?'
by Gareth Barnard, at LinuxToday
16 March 2022
pin: Ross Moore

`Software Patents Pose No Threat to Open Source, But Should Be Limited'
`Should Patents be Granted for Computer Software or Ways of Doing Business?'
`The current stance of the goverment of the Netherlands on software patents'
`Rethinking the 1-Click Patent'
by writers at LinuxToday
15-16 March 2001
pin: Ross Moore

`Microsoft's New Strategy Against Open Source'
by Neil Anuskiewicz at LinuxToday
5 March 2022
pin: Tony Stanco

`IBM Rolls Out Linux Advertising Campaign'
Must see: Flash Advert
5 March 2022
pin: Richard Shaw

`Rivals brace for bolder Microsoft'
5 March 2022
pin: Tony Stanco

`Copyright extended to digital content'
I.T. (Fairfax)
4 March 2022
pin: Richard Stallman

The Betrayal of Adam Smith
by David C. Korten
International Institute for Sustainable Development
28 Feb. 2001
pin: D Rivers

Free Software in the Land of Opportunity
by Bradley M. Kuhn, Linux Today
28 Feb. 2001
pin: Ross Moore

Playing Hardball with Microsoft
by Lou Grinzo, Linux Planet
28 Feb. 2001
pin: Ross Moore

Why Linux Is Giving Microsoft a Migraine
by Sam Jaffe, BusinessWeek online
22 Feb. 2001
pin: Tony Stanco

Richard Stallman on the Allchin Controversy
22 Feb. 2001
pin: Tony Stanco

ICVM, Internet C++
31st Jan. 2001
pin: rahul

`Has IBM Hijacked Linux?'
Linux Today
19th Jan. 2001
pin: Tony Stanco

Free Software Survey
18th Jan. 2001
pin: Jan Rasche

`IBM plans big investments in Linux to level the playing field with Microsoft and Sun'
15th Jan. 2001
pin: Tony Stanco

`Open Source Infrastructure -- A Manifesto for the Coming Big Bang.'
11th Jan. 2001
pin: Tony Stanco

`IT Salary Tracker: Linux Professionals'
Linux Today
9th Jan. 2001
pin: Tony Stanco

`RMS Becomes CEO of'
8th Jan. 2001
pin: Tony Stanco

`Thus spoke Richard M Stallman'
Linux Mandrake
22nd Dec. 2000
pin: Tony Stanco

LWN Timeline
Linux Weekly News
Dec. 2000
pin: Donald Rivers

ISTF Public Software Work Group,
Internet Societal Task Force
18 Dec. 2000
pin: Sam Kritikos

`Election Flaws Open Process to Scrutiny'
The Spotlight
21 Nov. 2000
pin: Mark Rauterkus

`Microsoft's Big Bet'
BusinessWeek online
30 Oct. 2000
pin: Tony Stanco

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FreeDevelopers infra-structure

Working on Free Software
6 Apr. 2001
pin: Tony Stanco

FreeDevelopers Referendum site
23 Feb. 2001
pin: Lyn Headley

Now you can edit/update your profile.
4 Jan. 2001
pin: Anil Kumar

`Why Wiki Works'
Portland Pattern Repository
(updated) 19 Dec. 2000
pin: J C Lawrence

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