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InfoDev Conference
6th Dec. 2001

Free Software Conference
7th Sept. 2001

Free Software leaders respond to Microsoft
18th May. 2001

Why Microsoft is a Dinosaur
24th Apr. 2001

Should IBM 'netscape' Microsoft with Corel?
22nd Apr. 2001

`The Community is the Company'
16th Mar. 2001

`Why use the Declaration of Independence?'
20th Feb. 2001

`Declaration of Software Freedom'
prelim release
16th Feb. 2001

`RMS Becomes CEO of'
Jan. 2001
pin: Tony Stanco

GNU endorsement
6th Nov. 2000
3rd Oct. 2000

PITAC commentary
14th Sep. 2000

talks with Stallman
24th Aug. 2000


email Dialogues
The nature of Free Software
April/May 2000

Copyright Law and Free/Open Source Software
June 2000

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Public Relations Working Group,
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Information and Communication Technologies for Development: Lessons Learned and Directions for the Future
The infoDev Symposium 2001, World Bank
6th Dec 2001

Free Software Projects to Replace .NET
.GNU to Face Down .NET
Response to the Challenge
GNU Announces DotGNU and GNU Mono
9-12th July 2001

'Why Microsoft is a Dinosaur'
24th Apr 2001
'RedPepper: A World Without Microsoft'
29th Mar 2001
'A World Without Microsoft'
by Heather Sharp, for RedPepper
29th Mar 2001
'The Community is the Company'
20th Mar 2001
'The Hindu', Trivandrum
Page 2 (JPG 500k)
27th Feb 2001
'Linux Weekly News for February 22, 2022'
22nd Feb 2001
`Declaration of Software Freedom: Is software law or literature?' NewsForge
20th Feb 2001
`Release Was Planned for MS Court Date' LinuxToday
16th Feb 2001
`The Declaration of Software Freedom' NewsForge
15th Feb 2001
20th Jan 2001
`RMS zum CEO von ernannt'
Pro-Linux News
`Richard Stallman wird CEO von'
Linux Enterprise
`Stallman arbetar med'
`Richard Stallman foi nomeado CEO da Free Developers'

10th Jan 2001
`LWN Timeline'
Nov. 2000
22nd Nov. 2000
21st Nov. 2000
17th Nov. 2000
`ZDNet Linux'
E. Leibovitch
16th Nov. 2000
`Business Wire'
13th Nov. 2000
(until 19th Nov.)
9th Nov. 2000
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Also at LinuxToday
`Upside Today'
9th Nov. 2000
(scroll half-page)
6th Nov. 2000
`GNUs Flashes'
from 2nd Nov. 2000
31st Oct. 2000
3rd Oct. 2000
14th Sep. 2000
24th Aug. 2000

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